Owner, Assaf Raz

Founder, Assaf Raz, and Jeff Konecke live and breathe the local community:
They reside locally, and operate their professional and retail businesses there (including the wildly successful Dogtown Coffee). They even surf in Santa Monica and Venice. With more than 30 years of collective experience (and tutelage from real estate visionaries,  Jack Hoffman & Bob Goodfader), Raz and Konecke have in-depth knowledge of Santa Monica real estate that has helped them build a business that embodies the nature of the area, with a network of trusted clients and neighbors who respect them. Over the years, Dogtown Realty has represented a diverse array of clients and properties including the Dennis Hopper compound, designed by architects Brian Murphy and Frank Gehry. Like the roots of Dogtown, which was built from the rebellious spirit of surf and skate culture of the seventies, Dogtown Realty are not your typical west side realtors.

They enjoy collaborating with their clients and helping them navigate the home-buying process by sitting down with them over great coffee and truly listening to what they seek in their real estate investment. Then, they’re creative about the process with their prospective buyers, making it educational, fun and successful. According to Raz, he founded Dogtown Realty, in order to “empower the community by inspiring a new culture of locals serving locals.” Buying a home or commercial property in Santa Monica is no skate in the park, but it’s a breeze with Dogtown Realty because they know the ins and outs of the neighborhood, and they are true insiders of this niche community.

Jeff F. Konecke
Managing Director